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Should you should pictures of people getting acupuncture on your website? I’m all about showing off the needles and making people comfortable with the idea of acupuncture.  I was looking at friend’s site one day as she added new photos of her interacting with children.  The photographer had done an excellent job of capturing the practitioner and  the children.  They were all happy and talking and laughing.  She was showing them different tools as they sat on her lap.   Mom was sitting comfortably with another child looking on.  It could have been story time.

That image resonated with me because of what it said.  It said this practitioner was safe to be around.  She understood how to interact with kids.  She was friendly and trust worthy.  She knew what she was doing.  The subconscious conclusion to this is that I could be comfortable with her too. She could help me. I could trust her.

Since then I have looked around at acupuncture sites.  There are always the pictures that show people getting acupuncture. Many of them are beautiful. Certainly they educate me but do they make me comfortable?  If someone is going to come into an acupuncturist they need to trust and they need to feel safe.  While images of an acupuncture treatment or doing treatments are great, the better image is one of people who look happy.  Have the practitioner interacting with people who look happy and healthy.   Show patients being educated and having fun.

There are reasons television commercials often force people to watch what seems like random shots before they figure out what’s being sold. The advertisers aare not selling the product. They’re selling a feeling of trust or power or confidence.  Once they sell the concept they then associate the product name with the concept.

A website is designed to sell.  Set it up to sell with images which make people think of feeling good, health, understanding and safety.  They’re already looking for acupuncture. Now let them know you’re the one who is safe.  Once you hook them in, they’ll remember you.  Your site is the one that stood out.


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Bonnie Koenig has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999. She is passionate about helping people find real healing and real health. In the process she keeps asking about our attitudes towards sickness and health. Only by being clear on what sickness is, can we ever find health.

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