What are You Growing?

Earlier this afternoon I was out in my yard. I was pulling weeds. I hate pulling weeds but I dislike what happens when I don’t pull them more. This year I have a list of plants that I want to add to the garden area. Many of them are food related but others just grow well in the conditions I have. At some point, no doubt the garden will look overgrown. That’s my goal.

You might ask why. Simply put, by planting lots of things that I love there won’t be any room for anything I don’t love. Certainly I’ll have trimming and perhaps transplanting and dividing (I hope) but that’s way less work and more fun than just sitting out there pulling weeds.

How many times do we have personal habits or thoughts that we try and weed out? Maybe the issue isn’t trying to make those thoughts or habits go away, but change what we do to reflect new thoughts and habits or create them. Rather than getting rid of, add something. Sometimes that’s easier. It’s certainly a more positive way of making change.

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