Well okay, so it IS about the Number

You know so many weight loss gurus and sites say not to weigh yourself too often because it’s not about the number. It’s about how you feel. I’ve been tracking my eating and weight loss (or lack thereof) for a couple of weeks. I’ve eaten really well but according to my scale I haven’t lost an ounce. In fact, after putting on blue jeans and a sweat shirt, I still weighed the same as I did before dressing. Interesting, as I know that jeans usually weight something.

I picked up my kitten and I gained six pounds. I put him down on the floor and I did not loose six pounds, but maintained my six pound gain. Imagine how depressing that is.

I purchased a new scale. Sometimes the number does have some psychological effect. I mean, I don’t want to gain 6 pounds for the next month because I held my cat. I want something that will be a bit more accurate tracking whether that number goes up or down or maintains based on my eating, exercise and lifestyle and doesn’t depend on what I was holding or doing the last time I stood on the scale…

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