Valuing Your Work

I’ve been working on pricing some items.  I know I undervalue what I do.  It seems like that’s a common theme for those in the helping professions.

Consider that if you are self-employed, you need to be making a certain amount to survive with your overhead.  Certainly insurance companies have been slow to keep up with cost of living but that doesn’t mean that acupuncture rates don’t need to go up.  It doesn’t mean you can’t ask for what you are worth.  Ultimately each practitioner can figure out what they can agree on as far as the amount they need to make per patient.  Someone seeing several patients per hour can leverage their time such they can charge a lower rate per patient than the practitioner who sees only one person per hour.

The fact that the second practitioner sees fewer patients may be a selling point as to why they charge higher rates.

If you, as a practitioner, honestly feel you are worth the money people will come in and pay you no matter what you ask.  It helps to be clear about exactly how much you think you deserve. If you don’t think you can charge enough to live on, it might help to consider why you don’t value your time.  Sometimes that discomfort is about issues around personal value that may not even be realized.

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