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The last couple of weeks my husband and I visited the Midwest and spent some time with relatives. One of the wonderful things we did was just spend time traveling from place to place. We knew that in a few days we needed to get from Milwaukee to Southern Ohio. However we had four or five days. There were a number of things he wanted to see but none of them HAD to be seen.

I wanted to visit The Wren’s Nest which is run by a friend I met online. So we headed up to Michigan and then down through Northern Indiana. We got to visit Indiana Amish country. We wandered down through that state and ended up arriving in Ohio via Kentucky.

I saw some wonderful sights and enjoyed the drive. The landscape of Michigan and Indiana is very different from that of Washington state. There was a relaxation and ease of knowing that we didn’t have to be anywhere at any particular time. While we ended up not having as much time in Shipshewana as we might have liked (arriving at about 3 PM in the afternoon) that really didn’t matter. We got the taste and flavor and moved on.

It occurred to me as I drove through those towns that this is something so many of us never take time to see, yet how lovely. No one ever has it on their list to drive around randomly through the United States, or if they do it becomes a project that must be done. Our inclination is to fill up the driving time with sights or to set up a schedule that precludes just meandering along the roads.

Next time we take a vacation, I’ll have to pack in plenty of time to just wander.

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