While I had some issues with the overall book Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, the author, Caroline Myss does have some great quotes and things to think about.

Very often, Myss points out, we think that we have done something to be ill. We look for the “lesson” hoping that by getting the lesson, by getting through the issue we can suddenly become healthy again. What if, Myss asks, there is no lesson? It’s not that we did anything bad. Illness does not mean we are being punished. What if we are uncomfortable and in pain because that is the transformation we are going through. Certainly as we try and hurry that up, we may actually slow the process down but the transformation we are going through may not signal a concrete ending to our pain.

Pain and discomfort are not what makes us suffer. Suffering is when we hang on to the idea that we shouldn’t suffer. When we release that concept, often we find there are more times when we are suffering less. It doesn’t make the path easier, but it may mean we can stop mentally punishing ourselves for not being smart enough to get our “lesson”.

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