Thinking about the 90% Rule

This last week was very hot. That meant eating out a lot more. Even as it cooled off, I found myself craving some ice cream, which meant eating something else I try and avoid. I was thinking about my 90% rule. I certainly wasn’t 90% this last week. I’m not sure how much closer I’ll be this week either, although I hope it’s at 90% or more.

However, there have been weeks when I’ve been able to stick to my food convictions 95% of the time rather than 90% of the time. I have to remind myself not to go around nit picking everything. Yes, I probably ate within my diet guidelines 40% of the time this time. I have this sense that I want to go and check up for the next few weeks until I work off that “drop” in my compliance. I am forcing myself not to think too much about it.

90% needs to be most of the time–for life. Not just today or this week or this month. It means that there will be weeks like this for me that I am not able to be so compliant. I am sure other weeks will challenge me as well. I need to understand that I should work at being as compliant as I can be as often as I can be and be content with being compliant, most of the time.

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