The Perfect Storm for Disease

The other day I was reading another blog and a commenter talked about finding the “cause” of an illness they were suffering from. They had tried many different treatments but were confident that there would be “a cause” that they could work with and cure themselves.

It resonated with me because that is where my mind wants to go.

On the other hand, what if there is no one cause. What if there is a perfect storm of causes. What if we don’t get sick for A reason but because there were many reasons all coming together to create the problem?

If we had eaten better, taken better care of our body, rested more and perhaps if our parents hadn’t lived a short distance from Hanford none of this would have happened. What if we had eaten better and rested more, thus taking better care of our body–would this still have happened? What if we hadn’t grown up near Hanford but we didn’t do any of the other things–would this still have happened?

We have no way of knowing. I think that the creation of disease, like health, resides in a variety of factors. They can be lifestyle, life choice and environmental. We can’t account for everything all the time, nor do we completely control. As we go through the process of disease, it becomes less important to find the “one” cause. Rather it should become important to live as well as possible with the disease we have–perhaps curing it or perhaps living gracefully within it’s limitations. Everyone has limitations. Those with the limitations of disease merely have more visible ones.

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