The Balance in Illness

I’ve been reading again. This time it’s Threshold: The Crisis of Western Cultureby Thom Hartmann.

One issue I found interesting was where Hartmann discusses some studies of parasites called helminths. People infected with these creatures don’t seem to have some of the chronic conditions that we do today. There were studies on people with Crohn’s, allergies, asthma or other autoimmune diseases. In all cases, those who were infected with the helminths found that their problematic symptoms disappeared.

Generally we would see that not have a parasite would lead to better health, but this is apparently not always the case. In this case, it seems that the symbiotic relationship actually does offer us something. We’ve learned that about probiotics and the need for good intestinal flora for good health. This particular case goes even farther.

The question that I pose, is which person is sick? Those with the parasite or those with the symptoms?

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