The Process of Transformation

Transformational healing can only be done at a certain pace. It can’t go that quickly. Transformation takes time. Only so much can be taken in.

Everyone seems to want to be “fixed” now. Rather, in transformation, we are changed. We are not “fixed” in healing, rather we are changed. We transform. Transformation is not a quick single played out act. It is a process. A process takes time. We may become frustrated in our stuck places, however, we must also acknowledge that there is only so much new that we can take in. To change to quickly is like trying to eat too much too quickly. It can’t be done comfortably. If we do succeed, we have the potential to regurgitate that which we took in.

We should all honor the place where we are. We are all always transforming.


  1. good post. i am in a season of deep growth/change/transformation in my life – some days nothing and then wow! feels like my heart gets stretched and pulled and made bigger overnight – has been exciting and invigorating and scary and even a bit disorientating at times – but i am feeling incredibly blessed by this season and, to quote the Dalai Lama, “Future is open!”

  2. Thank you for your comment Deb. I love the way you describe your process!

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