Take a Moment

I know a woman who does a very special type of therapy. She sits with the client and they look at each other to connect. They each sit calmly and quietly. The client shares what is going on with their body. They notice any areas of pain or tightness or anything that happens to be going on with their body. They follow that awareness as it changes and moves and eventually dissipates.

I find this fascinating as the therapist says that this helps change the brain patterns of the emotion that is going on behind the pain or other discomfort in the body. Sometimes if there is something she discusses with the patient, as the symptom changes she might throw out a few words about the sensations again to see what that triggers in the body.

I told her that this sounded something some of the type of thing meditation does. She responded that part of the healing was the interconnection with the therapist. It was not just doing the work alone but making a connection to another individual while the brain processes the changes.

In this world where we so often just want to take a pill to make the pain go away or rush through the pain anyway, I think this sort of therapy is particularly important. We all need to get back in touch with our bodies.

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