Review of the Practitioner’s Journey

When I was thinking about burn out and acupuncturists, I started asking around about what different people thought.   I was referred to Dan Clements who wrote The Practitioner’s Journey: The Path to Success for Alternative, Holistic and Integrative Health Professionals  I’m familiar with Dan’s work having read his blog for quite some time.     I knew he and Tara Gignac had written a book but I hadn’t yet read it.   I really wanted the burn out post to get published while it was fresh in my mind and I was still thinking about the things other people had said.

Asking for a quote quickly, Dan sent me a copy of the e-book at no charge, so I read through the entire book.   I’m not a big ebook fan (unless I can download it to my Kindle–my computer desk and chair just aren’t that comfortable!) but this was worth the read and I can’t argue with the price.  I will argue with Dan about making sure the next book that he’s working on gets into Kindle format though.

I think any practitioner who needs a bit of insight into the business side of their practice needs to read this book.  It’s reader friendly and Dan and Tara clearly speak the language of alternative care practitioners.   The journey described is literally a journey and Dan uses the journey metaphor as you move through the book to describe various phases of being a practitioner and business person.   It’s very helpful for any practitioner who has struggled with success and what might need to happen next in their practice.    The information is practical and informative as well as easily readable.

Most practitioners can get useful information out of this book. If there aren’t any current problems in the practice, then it’s a good reference to have the next time you find yourself worrying because there are more holes in the schedule than you’d like. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did. Also, consider heading over to The Practitioner’s Journey blog and subscribing. It’s not updated as often as I’d like but the information there is very useful.