Book Formatting

You need help formatting your book. I can do that.

Short Books:   $100.00

  • less than 20,000 words,
  • cover image
  • two interior images/tables

Longer books     $200.00

  • 20,000 to 120,000 words
  • cover image
  • up to four interior images/tables

Books longer than 120,000 words or those with many images and tables (which need to be converted to images):

  • Contact me for an estimate. Hourly rate is typically $50 per hour.

If you need a cover image, I do very simple designs using your own artwork and adding an author name and title for $50.00.

I do not do more complicated images. I generally recommend  Glogirly Design. She can advise you of costs based on your needs.  Kindle recommends a size of 1563 X 2500 pixels.

This is what you need:

  • A file with an extension of .doc, .docx or .rtf that I can open and  be able to judge what it is you want as far as paragraphs and section breaks. A google doc may also be used if it meets the other requirements.
  • Your author name, a publishing company name (if any) and the price of the book
  • The categories and genre you believe fit this book most closely. You might want to search Amazon for ideas. I can help with this but cannot advise you on it.
  • Keywords you feel are necessary
  • A cover image in a .jpg format
  • An author bio
  • A blurb about the book
  • If the book includes images, I will need those as well

If I need to do more formatting or your book has a lot of images and tables, then I will charge a per hour fee of $35.00 per hour. I am happy to give you an estimate.

What I can do:

  • I can format the book so that it looks good as an e-book (obviously)
  • I can either work on an offline account and let you upload the files and fill everything out or
  • I can use your account on KDP and NookPress and upload your information there for you. I can make changes to international conversion rates on kindle if you like. For instance, Amazon may automatically change your US price to 2.42 for Great Britain. This is an unusual price. I can change that to 2.99 instead, a more typical book price.  Nook does not allow these changes. If you chose this option, please change your  passwords when we are done working together.
  • Send you the file in a .doc or .htm or .html file when I am done.

What I cannot do for when Formatting:

  • Edit your book. Yes, Kindle often tells you that there are spelling errors. I do not typically go back and change them for you (in case there’s a reason you have used an unusual spelling. If you need editing, you may contact me about using my editing services.
  • I cannot take a manuscript that is completely un-formatted, such as one pulled from a .pdf format into a Word .doc and make it look nice. I expect you to know what paragraphs are and use them wisely.
  • I cannot assist you with how to price your book.
  • I cannot advise you about the entire process of publishing your e-book.
  • I cannot post or make changes to your website to include links to your e-book.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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