Acupuncturist's Resolutions.Sometimes it’s good to put your resolutions in writing so you can go back and find them again at the end of the year.  Sharing online means you have a reason to stick with them as well.  It creates accountability.

My resolutions and goals for 2012 are:

  • To settle in and make my new house a home (hopefully this will be a fun and easy goal to keep!)
  • To finish up at least three books and get at least two of them self published.  My long-term goal is to write four a year but this is my first year, so I’ll start there.
  • To finish up a picture book I’ve been working on.
  • To grow my Art of Acupuncture Business and make it a presence online with acupuncturists.

My resolutions are in no particular order.   I’ll have to remember to go back and see how I did in December of next year.  What are your resolutions?

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