Recap 2017 and Looking to 2018

One thing I wish I had done was keep this blog updated more but I feel like there’s so much blogging to do and not nearly enough time for writing anything that I have to skip something. So here goes, with only one other blog post this year, I have my goals.

How’d I do last year?

  • Attend Superstars. This is a different workshop with different names in Colorado. I am signed up and plane ticket is purchased so I just need to go. ATTENDED AND SIGNED UP FOR 2018!
  • Write at least one short story a month and publish at least one short story a month on the months I do not publish a book or novella  I PUBLISHED SOMETHING EACH MONTH BUT IN THE LATTER PART OF THE YEAR, DUE TO A CHALLENGE, I MISSED DOING TWO SHORT STORIES, ALTHOUGH I WROTE MORE THAN 12 SHORT STORIES THIS YEAR
  • Publish three longer works of fiction or non-fiction (books or novellas) DONE-ONE WHISPER NOVEL AND TWO TEENAGE FAIRY GODMOTHER BOOKS
  • Find a social arena in town ONCE AGAIN THIS WAS A PLACE I FELL DOWN AT DOING
  • Get my freebie set up and build my mailing list to increase profitability BUILT MAILING LIST TO ABOUT 1200 PEOPLE. WORKING WITH BOOK FUNNEL NOW
  • Attend at least one writing convention, either GenCon, DragonCon, and/or BoucherCon. NOPE AGAIN, MISSED OUT ON THIS
  • Take a writing classes online (from Dean or somewhere else). DONE–TOOK TWO OF THE PROFICIENCY CLASSES WITH DEAN AND KRIS
  • Blog regularly on Bonnie Elizabeth’s site. Twice a month minimum but stretch is weekly. SO FAR IT’S BEEN WEEKLY! 
  • Stretch goals: 
    • Do a collection of my works
    • Get three full novels out  DONE
    • Set up a Bundle of my own on Bundle Rabbit (SETTING ONE UP, NOT PUBLISHED UNTIL JANUARY)

Overall, I’d say I did fairly well on the goals. Not perfect, but there always needs to be a stretch right?

For 2018 my goals are:

  • Publish 6 or 7 new books (6 of these are written and just need to be published)
  • Write 120 short stories and get 90% of them out and in the mail.
  • Write at least 3 novels this year
  • Blog regularly at my Bonnie Elizabeth site
  • Blog at least semi-regularly on this site
  • Revamp this website
  • Attend a con
  • Work on increasing author visibility and author income via networking, ads, audience building.
  • Publish one or two collections of short stories.

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Bonnie Koenig has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999. She is passionate about helping people find real healing and real health. In the process she keeps asking about our attitudes towards sickness and health. Only by being clear on what sickness is, can we ever find health.

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