Recap 2016 and Looking ahead to 2017

I didn’t do quite as well with my goals for 2016. Some of it was health issues, getting really sick after traveling but to be honest I wasn’t quite as focused.  So how did I do?

  • Attend Anthology Workshop in Lincoln City. Wouldn’t miss this for anything. DONE! And once again it was great. I sold 3 stories.
  • Write two short stories a month and get at least one of them ready to send out. A stretch goal: write one a mystery and one fantasy and get both out to publishers Basic done, not stretch. I did get at least one short story finished and I believe I got at least one polished to go out to editors. 
  • Publish 3 books (two fiction and one either fiction or non-fiction) I got one fiction and one non-fiction. This was a huge fall down because of illness, both mine and later my editors. I should get the third done into January.
  • Self-publish at least 6 of my short stories. A stretch is to publish a collection as well. I self-published  6 short stories. I did not get a collection but I haven’t got a collection of stories that fit together. On the bonus side, I did get to utilize Bundle Rabbit so did get some invites to those as well.
  • Find a social arena in town. Didn’t quite get to this.
  • Take a class that is not from Dean and Kris Went to the Writer’s Police Academy

Once again I fell down on the social goals. I did get most goals done but not the stretch goals. It’s too bad. I would have liked to have gotten at least one stretch goal this year.

Goals for 2017

  • Attend Superstars. This is a different workshop with different names in Colorado. I am signed up and plane ticket is purchased so I just need to go.
  • Write at least one short story a month and publish at least one short story a month on the months I do not publish a book or novella
  • Publish three longer works of fiction or non-fiction (books or novellas)
  • Find a social arena in town
  • Get my freebie set up and build my mailing list to increase profitability
  • Attend at least one writing convention, either GenCon, DragonCon, and/or BoucherCon.
  • Take a writing classes online (from Dean or somewhere else).
  • Blog regularly on Bonnie Elizabeth’s site. Twice a month minimum but stretch is weekly.
  • Stretch goals: 
    • Do a collection of my works
    • Get three full novels out
    • Set up a Bundle of my own on Bundle Rabbit

So I have a few more goals this year than last year but some of these are smaller and easier to handle.  I’d go back to the Coast for Dean and Kris workshops but Superstars and then writing conventions will eat into that money so it’s not on the list. Back in 2018.

The focus this year with everything on my goals is increasing visibility and profitability on my works already out there. That means I will again be less focused on novel publishing, which is why I’m allowing myself to consider the publication of shorter works rather than just novels. Plus one of the things next in the pipeline is a shorter work and I’m not sure I have a novel that will be ready to be finished by year end, so we’ll see!


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