Recap 2015 and Looking Ahead to 2016

So I was pleasantly surprised to see how well I did for my 2015 year long goals:

  • Attend Anthology Workshop in Lincoln City. This is mostly planned so I should be able to. The move will challenge me though. DONE and it was great! So great I also went to the Mystery Workshop there taught by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
  • Send out more short stories. I want to get at least another five out and in circulation. I got out many more than five short stories and got some rejections. I’d like to do more next year.
  • Publish 4 books. I may not make this one, but I have two acupuncture books to get out there and I don’t want to fall behind on the Whisper series either, so two more of those. Two Whisper novels and two acupuncture books so done!
  • Find a social arena in my new town. This is often tough for me. I’m keeping it general, whether it’s joining the Unitarian Church or a volunteer group or finding a local book club. We’ll see. I did join the local author’s association. I have not, however, gotten out and joined anything where I’m social.
  • Trademark my publishing business (this in addition to changing over business licenses and such when I get to the new living area). Not even close.
  • Publish either an anthology of shorts or an omnibus edition of Whisper (or both). Got the omnibus edition of Whisper out but not short story collection.

So basically, I got the big ones done and the personal and publishing professional ones did not go as well.

Goals for 2016

  • Attend Anthology Workshop in Lincoln City. Wouldn’t miss this for anything.
  • Write two short stories a month and get at least one of them ready to send out. A stretch goal: write one a mystery and one fantasy and get both out to publishers
  • Publish 3 books (two fiction and one either fiction or non-fiction)
  • Self-publish at least 6 of my short stories. A stretch is to publish a collection as well.
  • Find a social arena in town.
  • Take a class that is not from Dean and Kris

I’m laughing at myself a little for the last one. I have a couple of ideas for classes that aren’t Dean and Kris classes so this might push me to do them.

I really want to get my name out there and I think having short stories published in other venues will help a lot. Even if I don’t get anything but rejections, I’ll have a better chance of being noticed with more items to my name. I’m focusing on fiction.

And like last year, I want to focus on other books besides Whisper. I’m still not happy with any non-Whisper books but who knows? Maybe I’ll write something brilliant that I want to get out there!


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Bonnie Koenig has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999. She is passionate about helping people find real healing and real health. In the process she keeps asking about our attitudes towards sickness and health. Only by being clear on what sickness is, can we ever find health.

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