Recap 2014 and Looking Ahead to 2015

So how did I do on my goals for 2014?

  • Indie publish 3 books.  I did. Websites for Acupuncturists, Little Dog Lost and Death Interrupted all came out last year.
  • Take 4 out of 6 virtual retreats with Mark Silver. I barely got that one. I managed the first four. The next two came after my husband got laid off and I was typically busy or frazzled or both for the last two. I missed that.
  • Take more classes with Dean Wesley Smith. I took two more online workshops and one lecture. It was an easy goal.
  • Join a writer’s organization. I joined the PNW Writer’s Association.
  • Write more shorts and submit four of them to publishers. I did that. I submitted at least two of them to every publisher that seemed a likely candidate. I didn’t get any published but I got them out there. I need to do more of this next year.
  • Deconstruct a book in a genre and write a book in that genre after that. I did that. I took apart a Juliet Blackwell cozy. And then I wrote a steampunk cozy. It wasn’t intended to be a cozy but I wrote it right after I deconstructed Blackwell’s book.
  • Write at least 5 more books. I did that, but barely. Many won’t see the light of day. Others might get out there in a few years.
  • Change the look of my publishing site. I did that. See it here.

So what do I want for 2015?

Well, at the beginning of this year, my husband and I are moving across country. I am hopeful that this won’t set me back too much but it could and I need to allow for that. I also need to remember that goals are things I can do something about. Dean Wesley Smith mentions this in his goals section and it’s important for me to remember. I wanted to start getting my feet wet sending out stories to publishers and I did that. I can’t control if they get published. Chances are if I do more, I’ll have better odds so I need to keep at it. So what do I want for 2015?

  • Attend Anthology Workshop in Lincoln City. This is mostly planned so I should be able to. The move will challenge me though.
  • Send out more short stories. I want to get at least another five out and in circulation.
  • Publish 4 books. I may not make this one, but I have two acupuncture books to get out there and I don’t want to fall behind on the Whisper series either, so two more of those.
  • Find a social arena in my new town. This is often tough for me. I’m keeping it general, whether it’s joining the Unitarian Church or a volunteer group or finding a local book club. We’ll see.
  • Trademark my publishing business (this in addition to changing over business licenses and such when I get to the new living area).
  • Publish either an anthology of shorts or an omnibus edition of Whisper (or both).

I think I can do these. Some of those are things that will be clean up type things for the move and others move my writing and visibility along. I was pleased that I sold something every single month last year. I hope to do that again this next year or at least start selling *more* books. I took out an advertisement and while I didn’t sell as many based on the advertisement as I’d like, I did sell two more sets of the next two books, which suggests that people liked the series enough to try the next two. Which means I’m doing something right!

I’d also like to branch out into other writing projects. Whisper is great and I know those fans like it, but I want to write more pure fantasy and I have other ideas for urban fantasy and sort of cozy type mysteries. We’ll see what happens.

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Bonnie Koenig has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999. She is passionate about helping people find real healing and real health. In the process she keeps asking about our attitudes towards sickness and health. Only by being clear on what sickness is, can we ever find health.

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