Planet Calarmari: Acupuncture and Art

Recently I talked to Jeanie Marie Kraft of Four Paws Acupuncture about her work at Planet Calamari.  Jeanie has been treating people with acupuncture since 1995.  In addition to her practice, where she focused on canines, Jeanie is also an artist.

Planet Calamari is Art for the Bohemian Soul.  At the time of writing, the website focuses on Jeanie’s jewelry, lovely airy works what suggest another time or place.  Tomorrow this could be different, as Jeanie tells me, “My art changes like the color of my hair! I never know what the muse will inspire me to do.”

In addition to art, Jeanie has also written several books.  Currently her coloring book of acupuncture herbs and planets is out of print, but we can hope it comes back into print soon. This is a great learning book.  Jeanie says, “My first year in acupuncture college my herb professor, Toni Narins, gave us a project that had to be turned in at the end of the semester. The assignment was to come up with a way to memorize all the herbs, functions, categories and everything else in a fun way. Since i have always been a right brain person i found it easier to make up stories for each herb with cartoons and odd songs. By the end of that project i had a coloring book and students wanted to buy it. So i continued working on it in the next few semesters. The title of the book was Dr. Calamari’s Coloring Book of the Plants, Minerals and Bugs of China

Jeanie says the book needs updating before reprinting, but we can only hope that she is moved to do that.

In addition to her coloring book, she also has a book on Canine Pain and a course on treating Painful Canine Disorders.  Jeanie’s art is making her a great resource for those still learning about the practice of acupuncture.  Check it out.

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