Perception or Actuality: Does it Matter?

This weekend I was out of town. I tried to minimize going off my GAPS diet but wasn’t able to be perfect. In fact, I was far from perfect and ate more stuff that I shouldn’t than I had hoped I would.

I’m surprised at how horrible I feel.

My question becomes, do I really feel worse than I did when I ate this all the time or am I just so used to feeling better than that? Are these new symptoms things I was just so used to that I ignored them or do I have new symptoms that I didn’t have before?

As I ask these questions, I realize that it doesn’t matter whether I really am worse than I was or if I just think I am due to feeling better in the last month, my reality is that I don’t feel well any longer. I wasn’t feeling perfect before but a lot of my low energy symptoms were easing. I knew I was on the right track. Now I have had a set back and I feel worse. Worse than I ever did or just worse than I had been. My perception is just that I don’t feel as good. I think that’s enough.

I am off to the kitchen to eat some more of my lovely Fab Ferments Kimchi, which I love! Maybe that will help me feel better. And maybe when Valentine’s Day rolls around and I go out to dinner with my husband I’ll remember this set back and make better choices (although I reserve the right to eat Creme Brulee!)

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