New Pathways

A couple of weeks ago I attended a conference that wasn’t really in career area. It was more of a personal interest and I found that I was well qualified to understand what was going on and inspired that there were so many people in this area that were doing things professionally.

This was quite outside my comfort arena. I learned some things and had some information presented in a new and different style. I found myself appreciated for the things that I do as a professional acupuncturist and also found some information that may help me as I work towards creating some marketing materials for acupuncturists and others.

I was a lot of fun. It was also oddly expansive. It wasn’t as if my life changed, but I had some new things to think about and some new paths revealed themselves. I am not certain that any of these paths are the paths I want to take, but I like knowing about them. How often do we allow ourselves to just pursue and interest and see where it takes us?

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