Loss of Life

I was reading an article about someone who lost their home and job because of Katrina.  I was thinking that this person sharing their story had really lost their life. It occurs to me that we offer sorrow to those who loose their physical life to death. However, we expect heroic things of people who loose the lives that they knew, their expected lives to over come everything.

In the beginning there might be sympathy but then we have all these expectations.   We think they should get over it.  We don’t even give people a full year of mourning really to figure out what now.   We expect them to have a plan in place even when they may have lost their life but somehow go on living.   We see this reaction when others find themselves suddenly taken ill with a serious disease.  We see this when people loose their jobs or when they loose a their home.

When did we stop expecting people to feel and be human?  When did it become wrong to have feelings?

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Bonnie Koenig has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999. She is passionate about helping people find real healing and real health. In the process she keeps asking about our attitudes towards sickness and health. Only by being clear on what sickness is, can we ever find health.

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