Life Is Dangerous

So often we get caught up in our pet beliefs about how to stay healthy. There are so many factors that come into what real health is that we tend to forget certain things.

I love this post Life is Dangerous, Get Over It. Consider what she has to say.

We’re not safe from illness, even though many of us think we are. As years pass by we find ourselves pushed deeper and deeper into a society obsessed with sterilizing. Everything we eat and touch has to be free of bacteria. I’m not sure people know what good bacteria even is anymore. I have the feeling that some people would flip out if they knew the “culture” in their yogurt and buttermilk was actually little squirmy bacteria. OH NOES THEY AREZ GONNA GET U!

I want to ask–do we know that good bacteria inhabit our gut and are what prompts us to have a good immune system to protect us from all those illnesses we want to be safe from? How do we stay safe? I think we need to stop being afraid of being sick and live a good life that brings joy to us and to others.

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