Helping Healthcare Providers Who Need a Hand Writing Their Book

Keyboard help conceptAre you feeling unsure of what to do now that you’ve written a book?

Maybe you’re unsure how to find the time to write that book.

I can’t give you more time, but I can give you a helping hand, someone to be accountable to so the book writing doesn’t fall behind as you go about your normal clinic practice.  I can help with editing and formatting if you are thinking of self publishing.

I know that it can be daunting to write a book.  Patients always have to come first.  Then there are the other clinic duties.  You can’t forget your personal life either.  Writing always seems to get put off.  Even if you do set aside time, sometimes it’s hard to actually focus on what you’re trying to do.  Even when you finish, you can find yourself wondering what to do now.  How do you get an editor?  How do you get it published?  Given how much you have on your plate, can you really find the time to self publish your own book?

If you’ve been a complementary care provider for any amount of time, you no doubt have something to offer your fellow practitioners.  A book offers you a great way to leverage your time and still share your talents.  Once it’s written and published, you can go back to concentrating on your practice, which is likely your main focus. If you move into teaching, a book allows you another good stream of income.  The only problem is that you have to get it written first.

The great news is that there has never been a better time to write a book and get published.

Small publishers still exist and are looking for writers.  In addition, you can reach so many people just by publishing it yourself. In some cases, you’ll find that the financial side of publishing your book has advantages for you. Whatever your reasons for self publishing, you’ll probably want an editor.  You may need some help with the formatting.  If you’re still in the process, maybe you need help organizing your work so that you can sit down and get serious about your writing.

There are a lot of editors out there, but when you’re using language that is targeted at other people in your profession, many of those free-lance editors don’t understand the terms.  I’ve been an acupuncturist for nearly fifteen years.  Before that I worked in a veterinary clinic.  I have a broad understanding of both Western clinic language and the language of eastern medicine.  As kind of an internet junkie, I’m easily able to research new terms.  If I have to, I’ll check in to be sure my understanding is correct.

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