Happy Earth Day

I hope that everyone remembers to be mindful of the Earth today. We are earth, really. So much of our modern life has been focused on suppressing or hiding our natural, earthy urges and functions that we often think we are separate and have no need to be good stewards of our world.

We are our world in macrocosm. We are intimately connected to the cycles that nature goes through. Just as nature cycles, so to do we as humans. What we put into our world, we take in in our bodies. Plants that are poorly nourished or have been poisoned through chemical fertilizers end up in us, either directly or through the animal flesh that eats those plants. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water.

Let’s consider Earth Day and the Earth today as part of our health. The first step in any change is noticing that something needs to be done. If enough people notice–then perhaps change will start happening.

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