Getting Things Done

I remember reading something in one of Debbie Ford’s marvelous books about self love and understanding. Debbie talked about writing down three things you got done that day.   It might have been getting up and brushing your teeth.  This was supposed to help each of understand what we do during the day.

I’ve been writing down the things that I want to get done each day during the week. I have a weekly calendar as a mousepad, with one page per week all year.  I find that as I write down what I want to get done during the week I am getting far more done during the week than if I just try and remember what it is I want to accomplish.   It also feels good to look back on the week and see how many of the things I really got done.   Of course, I have to be mindful not to berate myself if I don’t get something on my list finished!

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