Getting Past What we “Know”

Many of my patients work on self healing. They purchase tapes or go to seminars. They are about the Law of Attraction and work with that. Many of these patients are chronically ill and they remain so.

I believe that these things can help them. On the other hand when they come to me after they have tried and believe they have failed, I am often there to be with them as they pick up the pieces of their life–the life where they are still sick. Why? Are they not strong enough to will it? Is there something so defective about them that they can’t even do that? Are they meant to be sick? Worse, does this mean they are powerless against their problems?

I read a book a year or so ago. I would love to quote it and the title but I can’t remember it. It was about a doctor who gets cancer. The summary is from memory so details may be incorrect. It is inoperable and he has a certain amount of time to live. He wants to keep fighting. He finds some sort of energy healer. She looks at him and says that his problem is big but it can be solved. She can’t do it there, but she knows someone who can. The problem? They are in Central America.

The doctor thinks about it but then accompanies this energy healer to Central America to see the person she recommends. The healer and the people around her work as translators and assistants. He is given several tasks he must complete that culminate in being at the top of one of the ruins in the area at the full moon. He works harder than he believes possible to get them done. He is weak and dying but he perseveres and at the end he gets to the top of the ruin. As the light of the moon falls upon him he believes that he will get well. He realizes he is at a space where he can see the tumor shrinking. He realizes that he can see how to fix and starts mentally working with his body to get rid of the tumor. His body starts feeling better and he keeps with it until his tumor is gone.

The moral of the book was that none of the tasks he did made any difference. The journey was not about the tasks. The tasks just opened the main character up to healing by tearing down preconceived notions, taking him out of his place of familiarity and comfort and placing him in a situation where anything could happen. He was not bound by his conventional beliefs. Had the healer just told him what to do, he wouldn’t have believed that change was possible and he could not have healed himself.

We all have certain limiting beliefs. “Failing” to change health by changing our thoughts tells us less about our abilities at self healing than it does about the strength and conviction of what we believe. It is not a failure or a personal failing. It is about noticing that there are blocks because of deeply held beliefs–not only by us, but by those around us. Faith healing, hands on healing, healing yourself with thoughts are all considered fringe ideas that probably don’t really work, except for some very special people who have some extraordinary gift.

We have a hard enough time believing that we are special enough to get what we want. How much harder to believe that we are extraordinarily gifted and can heal ourselves?

I am all for my patients working to heal themselves through whatever methods they choose. I will stand there with them and support them. I will however remind them to push themselves outside their level of comfort to push through the blocks that they have and to keep looking for what they want to find. We can all use some pushing outside our comfort zone. What kinds of possibilities will that open up for our health and for our lives?

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Bonnie Koenig has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1999. She is passionate about helping people find real healing and real health. In the process she keeps asking about our attitudes towards sickness and health. Only by being clear on what sickness is, can we ever find health.

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