I think there is something about pets that just brings out people’s generosity.  I was helping a shelter at a cat show.  We were raising money for our surgery for needy pets funds.   One of the cats was there as our “poster child”.   As I was talking a lady came over with tears in her eyes and gave me every cent in her wallet–about $30 worth.

A child came up and donated the three cents she had with her.  She apologized because it was all she had.

People will do wonderful things for animals.   I have to wonder will these same people do the same for people in this situation?  Or do we make judgments about people that we don’t about animals?  Can we accept the need to help with an animal because it doesn’t reflect the fact that we too could be in that position?   I don’t know what that is.   Are people who care about animals just nicer than others?   It brings up lots of questions.  I do appreciate being in such a generous atmosphere and hope that my path allows me to run into people like this more often.

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