Finding Your Life’s Purpose

It can be hard enough to find a purpose to life when you are healthy. It’s even harder when you are chronically ill. However, I believe that everyone has a purpose. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. The purpose may be something that is being over looked or seems completely unimportant. Finding that purpose can be a challenge.

Daria at Healer to Healer has a nice post on finding your life’s purpose and how to know when you’ve found it. Consider this even if you aren’t a healer or if you chronically ill. Remember we all have value in life. We all have a purpose.


  1. Thanks for the link to Daria’s post. We all do have a purpose but it isn’t always easy getting there, is it!

  2. Thanks, Bonnie!

    Yes, we each have a unique purpose, and I have found that when we implement that purpose, it creates healing for both ourselves and others. When you are living in your purpose, the once impossible becomes possible, the once unchangeable becomes changeable, and what was once undoable becomes DOable.

    The funny thing is that you often have to do a little healing to fully implement your purpose, but mostly it’s the task of seeing your value and believing in yourself. Then, the closer you get to living in your purpose, the more you will LOVE your life and what you are doing!

  3. Thanks for visiting Daria! I think that was a very important post you did.

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