Eating Seasonally

I have found this spring that cleansing has been about the only way I could loose even small amounts of weight. As I go towards summer I am finding I can eat a wider variety of foods, just as there are wider varieties found in nature. At this point I am still gluten free and I do dairy free 90% of the time (I have to have some chai on occasion!).

I am thinking about the fact that in fall and winter the root vegetables come out. Many of these are harder to digest or are not on the diets of those who are doing low carb. I wonder if in the fall, when these foods naturally arrive, do our bodies accept them differently?

I do know that in winter, I will allow myself my gluten. It may be in cookies or pies that I make or in sourdough bread that I make, but I know I will have it. That’s what gets me through all these other times without bread. It seems that in winter my body wants to stock up and wants warmer carbohydrates. I’ll have to see how I do.

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