Delighted CatI tend to think of delight as joy.  How often do we allow ourselves to just do something we really love and take delight in that moment?  How much do we really delight ourselves?

I tend to get caught up in work and in worrying that it is easy to forget to find something that is just delightful and fun.  It exists and it is there.   Remember that the more delight you have in your life, the more that will carry over into your business.  Customers will see that and take their own delight in the small things you do.


  1. LOVE this photo! Also, I rarely think about the term “delight” but I am going to keep it at the forefront of my thoughts so I can bring more delight into my daily life. I hear the word “joy” and it doesn’t really trigger the same wonderment and excitement that the word “delight” does for me. Thanks for this quick and delightful post!

  2. That term got me too–which is why I wrote about it. Thanks Diana! Hope you are feeling better. Yeah that’s my naughty boy cat being a DELIGHT with his toys! 🙂

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