Defy Gravity Review

Caroline Myss’ new book Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason
is more of a promise than a delivery.

Generally I like the ideas that Myss sets forth in her books and this book is no exception. The information is thought provoking and worth thinking about. Myss’ premise is that we are not in total control and healing comes through grace. Because of that we really can’t DO anything but pray for grace. She then goes on to talk through the various chakras about healing and issues that come up in each. There is the suggestion that there might be some way to work through the specific issues related to each section, but there is no delivery. I found that disappointing.

There are great quotes and nuggets of wisdom here. Unfortunately it didn’t seem quite as pulled together as some of her other work. For those who love Caroline Myss this is worth reading. For the rest, if you find yourself in need of a read and it’s around, check it out, but don’t expect it to offer a roadmap to healing.

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