Compassion In Healing

I know I’ve spoken about those who are sick being compassionate with themselves. It is often hard to find that place of compassion. We are not perfect. Allowing ourselves to be and to heal is an act of compassion. When we move through very stringent exercise or dietary systems, it’s important to be sure we are making that choice from a compassionate sense of wanting to feel better rather than from a sense of further punishment for our sin of not being as well as we would like to be.

Additionally, it can be very easy for those in the healing fields to forget to be compassionate with their patients. It is easy to lecture on things that should be done. Adding knowledge is one thing. Harping upon something is another. It can be a fine line to walk as many patients might see the practitioner harping, when they are merely hoping to educate. Trying to educate without being judgmental (in the eyes of a patient who has judged themselves and found themselves wanting) can be difficult.

It is knowing that you come from a place of compassion and concern for another that is what is important. It doesn’t matter if that compassion is for yourself or for the person you are with.

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