Climbing Our Inner Mountains

I was reading a biography about Scott Fischer, the owner of Mountain Madness who was one of the climbers who died on Mt. Everest in the storm made famous both by the IMAX film crew who climbed and by the book Into Thin Air by John Krakauer. What I find interesting is that what Scott found in nature and the out doors many people who have dis-ease find in their own inner-space.

Why is Fischer lauded for being a heroic mountain climber but those with dis-ease who find these same areas are treated as if they should never have become sick in the first place.

Everyone needs to find those places and to recognize them for what they are. I am left with uncertainty that Fischer understood what he found in the open spaces beneath the sky, alone on the mountain, but I understood he felt joy. In the same way many with chronic dis-ease climb their own internal mountains finding the same satisfaction in joy, though there is little outward appearance of accomplishment.

Why is it only the external trappings of success that we applaud?

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