Chinese Medicine Quarterly.

In the last several months I have become very clear that part of what I want to do is write.  As I became clear about the Eric at Deepest Health needed another editor for Chinese Medicine Quarterly.  The first issue that I got to help out with is now available.   The writers have so much information to share about the topic of Wind, I highly recommend it.

Editing has always scared me.  I have edited my own work and I always find something that needs to be improved. I always miss typos no matter how often I edit.  It surprised me how enjoyable the process of editing was on the magazine.  It was like chipping away at a sculpture and making it perfect.  It surprised me what I could see in someone else’s work.  The writers had so much to say that I learned a lot about wind while doing the editing.  To me, it was a win win situation.  I hope that I can continue on this path as I’ve rarely had so much fun working!

The newest issue is now available.  You can get it as a pdf or even a print copy (though that is expensive).  Please go by and check it out.



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