These last couple of weeks have brought a number of changes into my life. While they offer food for many posts to come, they also required a lot of time and effort on my part last week. I spent the week moving from a shared hosting account to a reseller account. While this won’t effect anything on the blog or the way it appears, it did take time. It will allow me to offer hosting to people for whom I do websites if they want me to host for them.

It took a lot of time to move and meant that there was also going to be a lag time for changes which meant I took last week off unexpectedly.

I am changing what I do a bit. I have lost the space in which I practice rather suddenly and now I am left with what to do now. The idea of moving and rebuilding holds little appeal to me. That means I am planning to focus more on my artwork, my writing and my web design. It means a new name for my business sites. It means changes in what they look like. It means recreating myself as a worker, which is a big job. It’s scary too. On the other hand, now I get the opportunity to put into practice what I have been writing about.

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