Cause or Protection

I found this article on obesity as a protection against metabolic syndrome rather than a cause. The article states, “obesity is the body’s way of storing lipids where they belong, in fat tissue, in an effort to protect our other organs from lipids’ toxic effects.”

I find it fascinating when someone asks a question and proposes an answer that takes me out of the way I normally see things. We think of obesity as being the problem, but what if it’s not the problem? What if it is just a protective symptom, in the way a runny nose during a cold is a protection mechanism against the cold, rather than the end result? Does this make us rethink the issue of weight?

Certainly, metabolic syndrome is also an issue of diet. However, the issues involved in metabolic syndrome seem to be less emotionally charged than the issues of excess weight. Avoiding the emotional nature of body image, perhaps looking at weight as being protective can force to actually address the under lying problem of too much of the wrong types of food.

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