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My article on talking to patients came out in Acupuncture Today last week.  I’ve been noticing some new visitors and I’d like to welcome anyone who came over from AT.  I’d also like to thank the new newsletter subscribers.

If you’ve been a reader and haven’t subscribed, please consider doing so. I send out a newsletter once a month.  I try and offer one unique article that is timely for the season or month. It tends to focus on marketing a practice.  I also highlight some articles in this blog from the last month as well as showing off the latest art offerings from my Zazzle shop.  It’s pretty eclectic but on topic for acupuncturists.  I don’t sell your email addresses, ever.  The third party newsletter service I use doesn’t sell your email addresses, ever either.

This last month in an apartment has had me focusing on writing.  It’s hard to set up photos with poor lighting and minimal space.  I also have cats, which means that although they’d leave if I tried getting photos of them, they love the needles I’m trying to photograph. We do what we can do.

I am always open to new article ideas and love interviewing other acupuncturists about their specialties. If you have something you would like me to highlight, please feel free to drop me a line.


A Little More Link Love

A little link love this week to some other acupuncture sites.

Have you looked at AcuTake? The premise is similar to what I have been doing here but with more photos (yeah I need to get on that).  Some interesting reads on this one.

Deepest Health has a whole new look and Eric has now gotten the Chinese Medicine Quarterly up and going and well as herbal classes.  Definitely worth a moment to check out.

Yeah, I have stuff too. How about these holiday cards.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with patients.  Yeah.  I do photos.  I just put them everywhere but the blog.  What’s up with that?!

Finally, need a unique acupuncture gift? Check out these earrings (yeah acupuncture related!) Enjoy!

Acupuncture Business Academy

Last weekend when I was in Portland, I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Lisa Hanfileti of the Acupuncture Business Academy.   I was really excited about her Live Seminar in Portland.  It’s not because of the marketing part, although I know lots of practitioners can use that. If that is you, go for it.  What was really intriguing to me was  what Lisa called the advanced topics.  She may not be talking about them at the live seminar, but she’ll be offering people the opportunity at the seminar to learn more about them.  And what are the topics that excite me?  How about how to retire?

While I know some acupuncturists who are great marketers, most of them don’t have a plan for retirement.  Further, many don’t have anything in place for what to do if they become unable to practice.   Acupuncture Business Academy plans to answer some of these questions.  Any business should have a good exit strategy, even a sole proprietor acupuncturist.  In fact, I think that any business that is run by one person has the most need for an exit strategy like this.  Consider going to the Acupuncture Business Academy live seminar even if you’re sure you’re as busy as you want to be.  Go so that you can get access to all the other parts of running a business that you might not even have thought of.

Building some Link Love

I have never been a know it all but I love playing librarian.  I love to find interesting information and pass it along.   I love being the one to find an interesting link or book that is just perfect for the person in front of me.

So what’s out there right now?

Dan Clements has a free gift book called A Free Practice Success Book.  This is geared towards students but given how little business management information is out there, I think even those who have been in practice for awhile can use this.  And it’s free.   I love a good a price.    The downside, is given Dan’s engaging writing you may just HAVE to go out and buy his non free books, but don’t worry–you’ll have enough to think about that you’ll more than make up the price in better business practices.

For the latest news about acupuncture, Acupuncture Today has a great article that briefly describes a variety of new happenings and news.

While others may know more about this than I did, I am excited about The Global Health Alliance which says it, “is an organization driven to provide free natural health care options to the native people of impoverished communities in developing nations. The intent of GNHA is to establish international, permanent natural health clinics, deploy circuit-based mobile natural health clinics, exchange knowledge with local traditional healers, and to unite natural health professionals around the world.”  Check it out if you’d like to be part of this.

And finally for those who want a little bit more community support when it comes to building a business, have you heart about Mark Silver’s the Heart of Business?  He’s got a number of different programs.   Mark studies Sufi philosophy so this really is heart centered.  I highly recommend checking out his information and getting a sense of whether this is a program that can work for you.  There are a variety of “tastes” that come free to help you determine if you like the way his courses are set up.