Georgia’s Thought

Georgia should be where the blog begins because she is the reason this quest began at all. Georgia is my old calico cat. She found me one year at my old apartment complex. She was the cat that ran everything. She knew everyone and everyone was sure she wasn’t taken care of and yet we all did. She was quite a flirt. One woman who had been feeding her was moving and had two cats who weren’t interested in sharing and she asked me to take care of Georgia. Shortly after that Georgia bullied her way into my apartment past my alpha male cat (who was not interested in sharing his home with her) and into my life for good.

She came with me through many moves and sat with me as I lost the other cats I had at the time. She became the role model for the kitten I found and helped keep the new Siamese cat in line. As she was lying on the bed, looking old and sad I kept thinking I needed to know what she wanted when it was her time. My other cat had made it very clear that he wanted to die at home. I knew that deeply and instinctively. Georgia seemed to have no real wish one way or another.

I found an animal communicator at this time and I thought I should call her. However Georgia has always been there when I’ve talked to her and I think we have a good rapport so I decided to try it myself.

As I slipped into a meditation I talked to her about what was going on. I told her I didn’t want her to suffer because I didn’t know what was wrong, like Simone, my first Siamese did. Georgia said, “Well there was nothing wrong. She was just sick.”

And I said, “Well if I had know how she was sick, maybe I could have helped.”

Georgia said, rather crankily because I was obviously a bit slow on the uptake, “Why do you think sickness is wrong? It just is.”

What a profound statement from my little cat. I was thrown out of the meditation as I lay there considering the implications. Why do we think sickness is wrong? Where did we get that idea? And is there a way to change that attitude? What are the implications not only for sick people but for those around them? I started out on a quest. I am sure there will be a book but until then, there is this blog.