The Soul of Food

As I have gone in search of the what health means to many people I have come across many different ways of thinking. I was reintroduced to the Westin A Price Foundation and the concepts of eating locally.

Recently, I saw a post on Real Food is Soul Food over at a new favorite blog of mine. I was caught by this opening:

Real Food is old and traditional. It’s sustainably grown, organic, and local. And it nourishes the soul as well as the body.

That’s because finding, cooking, and eating Real Food is a craft. I once heard that cooking was the only art form that uses all five senses. It engages the whole person…

It’s beautifully said and I think there are some wonderful ideas put forth in this post. I urge everyone to go over and read and think about it. If you don’t eat real food, consider why. Also if the idea that cooking real food is a craft, consider why you don’t think you are able to do it. What stops you?

More Thoughts on Weight Loss

I loss my elderly cat the other night. In this process I have posted old photos of her on my cat blog. She was a bit plump for much of her life. The vet I took her to for a geriatric evaluation a few years ago commented on it. However she said not to worry too much for with an old cat, a sign that she could be fat was a sign of health.

In the past months, as her kidneys began to fail in earnest I noticed that she was loosing weight. This week, the week she died, I could feel every little bony knob that existed. There was almost no fat left on her at all. She was wasting away before she died. She was beyond thin. She was emaciated. While at the end she would have looked much like an anorexic, it has been over a year since she was at all plump.

I consider that I look back at those photos and think how much more beautiful and healthy she looked when she was plump. I have to ask myself why do I spend so much time and effort trying to look emaciated, thinking it is beautiful? If the ability to keep weight on is a sign of health in our pets, then why is it horrible if we keep an extra ten pounds? I am not advocating gross obesity, but perhaps we can consider being a weight that feels good on our frame without the reference to the fashion statements.


Many times if we start getting sick, we just push through because there’s so much to be done. Did you know, if you take the time to rest before you are really sick, you can increase your chances of either fighting off the bug or at least minimizing it’s impact?

At the first sign of illness in addition to adding in any supplements you may take, allow yourself some extra time to rest and maybe take a nap. Your body can use it.


We all struggle with exercise. I think the optimal amount is about 4 or 5 hours a week. I’ve been doing yoga which I love. I also walk regularly and I ski. It’s taken me awhile to get to the place where I can fit exercise in regularly. I’ve done this by making a regular commitment to it. Moving to North Bend where I have a commute, has made sticking to my commitment harder.

I bring a yoga mat to work so that I can do some stretches in my office between patients. I also try to walk at least around the block when I have a break. This keeps the energy moving and flowing. I don’t count those short walks as exercise, but every little bit helps. Remember, movement is good. We don’t move our bodies enough. Even a short walk at a break can help. Who knows? You might enjoy it and then find you have more time to start moving.