Can You Do Something?

Are you complaining about something? Are you willing to do something about it?

Now here’s the rub. Very often people who want to talk about something or who need to talk about thing think they need to complain and don’t want to.  Others keep talking but never do anything even when there are obvious choices.

Venting is helpful.  Sometimes venting gives clarity to what is going on and brings connection with another person, which can be immensely helpful.   On the other hand, there are people who sort of enjoy complaining.   It’s not that they enjoy their complains or even the attention they bring but they are comfortably stuck in the situation.  Any move seems to big or scary. So they continue to vent and complain.

When you hurt, which are you?  And if you don’t find anything to change or seem to want to change, maybe it helps to be mindful and kind to yourself to realize that no matter how simple intellectually those changes may seem, really they may be very big.

Speak Your Mind