Now and then we get to see balance in the world rather overtly rather than by inference. I am watching it rain here again. It’s been raining a lot lately. We had a mild winter. There was little snow and nothing around the house, which is unusual. Skiing wasn’t very good until later in the season when we got colder and got some snow. Now we are getting rain and little sun.

On the East Coast I hear they had a horrible winter with record cold and snow. Now they are already having heat waves and it’s only June. It makes me wonder if this is how climate averages out and balances. We had a warm winter and now are we in for a cool summer? The East had a particularly cold winter–now are they in for a hot summer? I don’t know.

What happens to the weather next is pretty uncertain. What can be surmised is that nature could be a good way of observing balance. But that’s what the ancient Chinese doctors did anyway.

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