Baby Steps: or how to Suceed without Really Trying

I have patients who know there are things they should change but feel overwhelmed by the changes. I have one woman who only gets back pain while she’s at work. She doesn’t really like her job but it’s what was available while she searches for a more appropriate job. Her work, however is taking it’s toll.

Considering that she needs a different job is a huge burden. Yes, she knows this position is pretty temporary. It still doesn’t stop her body from screaming in pain whenever she works at it. She is still stressed by going into the job. A better way to look at the problem is to focus on the positives. This job does pay her bills for now. She has a plan to get out of the job. She even has a reasonable time line for what she would like to do.

She might consider looking at exactly what she doesn’t like about the job and see if there are specific tasks that she has to do that makes the job more frustrating. In many jobs it’s the office politics that cause problems. Perhaps learning to play the game might be a reasonable way to go. Looking at office politics as a game, even one that you aren’t good at, might be make the “game” less intense, as you consider that you will fail sometimes as you learn the ropes.

Focus on small manageable steps, even if they seem like nothing can be very empowering. It can also be very health promoting.

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