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bkoenigthumbnewbI’m Bonnie Koenig, Acupuncturist.  I usually go by Licensed Acupuncturist but Washington State has changed that to East Asian Medical Practitioner.  It’s a good change, overall, expanding our scope of practice.  However, I find that I have to explain that so  I stick with acupuncturist.  People have an idea about what that is.

I’m also a writer.  A lot of people think they know what that means, but often they don’t. I define a writer as someone who writes and I do that a lot.  I’m also an editor.

I’ve written this blog for a number of years, with many different targets, mostly about healthcare.  I do some photo art, but honestly that will never be more than a hobby.  While I have a good eye, I don’t always have the inspiration.  Writing comes naturally to me. Imagery doesn’t.  You’ll notice that while I try to add photos and images to the blog, I don’t always have them.

My undergraduate degree back so long ago many of you weren’t born,  was in English.  I have a minor in French.  I got my acupuncture degree from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 1999.  I practiced full time for 10 years and part time as a locum for a few more years. I wrote during that time as well.  However,  as a locum I find that I am little more than a technician sticking needles in other people’s patients, so I say I’ve retired. That could change. You never know.

I prefer writing fiction but sometimes something a little more educational pops out.  My cats help me in all of what I do, so there may be random cat references in my books. Lately, most of my non-fiction educational writing has been around teaching acupuncturists to factor in their personal needs and wants and make good decisions for their business. There’s so much out that where people talk about what worked for them and decide it’s the one answer for everyone. It might be a great answer for a lot of folks but not for you. I want people to be able to make decisions for themselves. You don’t find ‘how-to’s so much as ‘should-I’s.

Enjoy your reading.

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