10 Myths About Acupuncture

Book1The best way to learn something is to do it. I wanted to be sure that I had the ability to format a book for any publisher and I wanted to start formatting something with endnotes and table of contents.  To that end, I published by short book, 10 Myths About Acupuncture.

I’ve written this book for the lay person who is interested in acupuncture, but perhaps too afraid to try it. They’ve seen the news and wondered if it could help them but they have a lot of misconceptions.  My goal for this book is for potential patients to feel safe making the choice to try acupuncture.  While the style is a bit more pendantic than I would like, I wanted to make sure that my word choices were exact and my information clear.

I hope that if you have a need to share this information with potential patients, you will think of me.

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